Check-up for companies

Efficient employees ensure business success

preventon is a nationwide leading service company specializing in health promotion. Our prevention offers are aimed at companies as well as individuals.

More than 20 years of experience in health management and prevention as well as the constant consideration of the latest findings in preventive medicine form the basis of the system preventon.

Our comprehensive offer consists of efficient, sustainable building blocks:

  • Holistic health check-ups including health coaching and burnout prevention
  • Coaching and seminar offers to strengthen resources
  • Leadership Development

The individual components are modularly coordinated, form synergies and allow optimal control of your health management.

Customers like the Deutsche Bank, Metro or Ikea rely on the effectiveness of our measures and value the reliability of our company. Preventon always achieves the highest levels of satisfaction. As the only preventive medical institution with nine diagnostic centers in Germany offers preventon the opportunity to change the location without loss of information, as well as offering a pleasant ambience, trusting atmosphere and short journeys.

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